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Welcome to Diversifying Strategies

A London-based placement agent focused on environmental investment opportunities and alternative investment strategies.

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Our Vision

Our passions are the environment and diversification. Sometimes they overlap (a beautiful thing!), other times they do not and that is fine too.

It is our mission to join the dots between investors seeking interesting, value-added strategies that provide strong diversification benefits, with asset managers or companies seeking to deliver just this.

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For as long as I can remember, I have had a particular fascination with correlation or, more accurately, identifying investment strategies that are reliably non-correlated or, in some cases, negatively correlated to traditional asset classes...


The Environment

Global warming is, by a very substantial margin, the biggest challenge the world is facing. The impacts of even two degrees of warming are profound, with, as just one example, several reports suggesting one billion people or more being displaced by 2050. That is worth reading again. Where are these people going to go and what are the consequences going to be when they arrive? Europe struggled to cope with one million refugees that resulted from the ‘Arab Spring’; how on earth will it cope with one billion...

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Interesting Articles & Resources

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Climate Change

Air pollution from power plant chimneys.


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