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Global Harvester Holdings

Global Harvester (GHH) is a hybrid merchant bank / capital sourcing business focused on the transition to a low carbon economy. The Firm’s particular areas of emphasis are: decarbonisation, energy infrastructure, and regenerative agriculture. Mandates include illiquid as well as liquid investments spanning private equity, private credit and asset management opportunities. Where possible, GHH seeks to be a shareholder in the companies it works with and, where it sees significant opportunities, it may well either seek to develop businesses in-house and/or put together teams to do so.

36 South

36 South is an alternative asset management company focused on long volatility strategies and tail risk management. The Firm was founded in New Zealand in 2001 before moving to London in 2009. Today, 36 South manages a range of strategies, which all utilise the same investment approach but with varying risk/return profiles. At the core of the Firm's strategy is identifying options, across asset classes, that provide cheap convexity and positive asymmetry.

Respira International

Acting as principal, Respira creates innovative solutions to secure long-term guaranteed contracts with carbon offset projects globally, in turn enabling buyers to progressively achieve emissions reductions targets.

Importantly, this unlocks capital to invest in the creation and acceleration of carbon removal and reduction projects, many of which generate additional benefits to ecosystems and communities. Carbon offsets are a vital stepping-stone towards decarbonisation of the global economy as low-carbon and carbon-neutral technology is developed and deployed at a greater scale.

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